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26 Things I've Learned in 26 Years

26 Things I've Learned in 26 Years

I turned 26 just a few days ago. The fact that I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20 has me a little freaked out. But I hear that aging is inevitable, so I guess I might as well embrace it, right? Instead of focusing on all of the things I haven't done or seen yet, I decided to focus on all that I have learned- about life and about myself. 

And I decided to share them here. 


1.       You’re never going to have enough money or annual leave or security, so you might as well just choose the job you love.

2.       The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. You’re literally the only person who can always be with yourself.

3.       Call your parents.

4.       One day, off guard, you’re going to get a call to say someone you love has passed away. Let this teach you the importance of being on good terms with people.

5.       Travel is the only thing you can buy that truly makes you richer. (I know, I stole that quote.)

6.       Always be kind to people. Kindness is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. (I stole that one too. Thanks T-Swizzle.)

7.       There are always people like you; you’re not weird or alone. They may not be in your town or your school, but eventually you’ll find your community. Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe.

8.       Don’t be politically or socially apathetic. Your vote can either improve or devastate lives, so take it seriously.

9.       If you can get out of bed every morning without the help of a carer or a machine, then you should be grateful for your body.

10.   We should all be feminists. Equality shouldn't be a matter of opinion.

11.   Make a do-to list for every day. The satisfaction of crossing it off is second to none.

12.   Don’t clutter up your life with negative people. Make as much room for those who love and inspire you.

13.   Be who you needed when you were younger.

14.   Go, do and be while you can.

15.   Remember that Instagram is great, but you don’t know what the behind the scenes was really like.

16.   Don’t begrudge people their ambition.

17.   Be kind to waiters.

18.   Go outside.

19.   Creatives are often expected to work for free, or very little. If you can’t show your appreciation financially, at very least show it verbally.

20.   Not everyone will crack themselves up to what they promise you they’ll be. Relationships can be a sorry business. Learn when to let go.

21.   Don’t judge others just because their sins are different to yours.

22.   When decorating your home, go for well-matched mismatched. Furniture and accessories from different eras, colour schemes and countries add incomparable soul to a home.

23.   I’m allergic to the words “Anyone could do that!”. No, no they can’t. The careers of creatives don’t deserve mocking any more than the corporate 9-5 you bust your ass for.

24.   It doesn’t always get easier. But most of the time it gets better.

25.   Don’t dismiss people. You will undoubtedly learn something new from every single person you meet.

26.   Your words come fully loaded. Shoot them wisely. 



[ Photo by La Pêche Fraîche ]



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