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10 Things... In my Handbag

10 Things... In my Handbag

Is there anything more exciting than seeing what's in someone's bag?! I'd like to think that it's not being nosy... It's just being anthropological. Reassured by this justification, I've spent more time than I care to admit watching those extremely popular "What's in my bag" videos on YouTube. And according to the viewship, there are literally millions more like me! So I decided to embrace my inner YouTuber and show you what's in mine- incase any of you are eh, anthropological too. 

1. Keys (because I'm v. practical)

First thing's first, I have the keys to my very humble abode, on a wishbone keyring from Anthropologie. The tag on the keyring says "Say Yes to New Adventures", which is a nice little mantra to remember as I leave the house everyday. 

2. Tech Purse

There's nothing more annoying to me that a bag full of tangled cords. So to keep all of my 21st century necessities in check, I have a "tech purse". This one's a 1970s style knit pouch that I'd like to think adds enough earthiness to balance out its contents. 

3. Notebook and pen

Because I'm a perennial list-maker (hence, this post).

4. Crystals for creativity, supposedly

Do I really believe in the powers of crystals? I don't really think so, but I figure I'll carry them with me just in case. Plus, this amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz are really beautiful. 

5. Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizer

For when you hate both germs AND harmful chemicals. This Lavender hand sanitizer from Dr. Bronner’s is alcohol-based but is made with organic glycerin and lavender oil to keep your skin conditioned. I find most regular hand sanitizers very drying with an overpowering scent, so prefer to use something more natural. 

6. Wallet

This O My Bag wallet from Industry & Co. was a belated Christmas present to myself in the January sale. I absolutely love it; it's so simple but the striped lining and brass stud hardware give it a vintagey feel. Most importantly to me, O My Bag use sustainable leather and their products are made in a fairtrade, eco-conscious environment. 

7. Planner

I'm a planner girl, and I'm absolutely in love with my Emma Kate planner from Fisher & Saint. It's feminine and sweet but not too twee. The pages inside are peppered with motivational quotes and it's beautifully laid out. The quote embossed in metallic rose gold on the cover spoke to me, I just can't imagine why (she says with her hair currently going in about 14 different directions)... "It's all messy; the hair, the bed, the heart... life". 

8. Snack

I always have some form of snackage on hand to prevent hanger; and this time it's a Deliciously Ella cacao and almond energy ball. I usually keep a couple of things in my bag to give to friends who missed lunch- I've always been known as the mom of the group.  A title I take seriously. 

9. Handcream

I really like the L’Occitane hand cream, but also often carry around a small jar of coconut oil for when the weather is particularly cold and the skin on my hands, face and lips get dry easily. 

10. Migraine kit

A not-so fun fact about me is that I suffer from really bad migraines and tension headaches. Some headaches are long-lasting, dull and bearable. Other times, I get migraines that cause me to vomit and become unable to open my eyes or move my head. When I get like that, I just try to get home to my quiet, dark bed as soon as possible. But if that's not an option, I keep some magnesium spray, some Excedrine and a homemade blend of peppermint and chamomile essential oils in my bag at all times. I also always, always have a bottle of water with me- I drink over three litres a day.


To see what other bits and bobs I'm using, follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more reviews and recommendations. 

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