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10 Things... YouTube Channels That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

10 Things... YouTube Channels That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

I don't know if this is considered weird or not, but I don't own a TV. It wasn't necessarily a conscious decision not to have one... but just something I had neither space nor money for when I moved into my current flat almost 4 years ago. 

This has meant that I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, which suits me just fine. One of my greatest pet peeves when I did own a telly was how easy it was to spend hours mindlessly watching shows I didn't like and weren't teaching me anything. Of course you can do that online too... But there's also the option to check out thousands of really great channels focusing on cookery, travel, design and pretty much anything that improves your lifestyle. 

Here are ten of my favourites. 

Alli Cherry

Being a stylist and a creator of sorts doesn't exactly align with the concept minimalism, but yet I still find Alli Cherry's insights really valuable. Her channel centers a lot around a low-waste, healthy, environmentally sustainable, minimalistic approach to living. Her insights are really well thought out and I never get a pushy, judgey vibe from her- which I think turns a lot of people off the lifestyle.

With each video of hers I watch, I come away with a new tip to live a more considered lifestyle that, aside from all the I already mentioned, saves me money and gives me that "feel good feeling" of being resourceful and responsible. To top it all off, her videos are also cool and stylish and allow me to see what that bohemian Cali lifestyle is all about. 

Estée Lalonde

I wear make-up and sometimes I even brush my hair, but I would never consider myself a "beauty junkie" by any means. Personally, I could just never get that excited about an eyeshadow. So it speaks volumes of Estée Lalonde's personality that I watch all of her videos- even the makeup tutorials. 

Estée started off primarily as a beauty YouTuber, but over the last few years has expanded into covering topics like travel, booksfeminism and- most recently- even explaining WTF is going on with North Korea. Yep. Some of my favourite videos were her series of "Breakfasts with,,,", during which she chatted with fellow YouTubers about the ups and downs of life in your twenties. Presumably this is when Estée found her groove of digging out a story worth talking about. Following on from this, Estée launched a podcast called The Heart of It

Domestic Geek

Well here's a channel that will inspire you to get shit done! The Domestic Geek's Sara Lynn has a cheerful disposition that breeds enthusiasm. Her recipes and meal plans are fuss-free, delicious and adaptable. On this channel you'll find dishes thoughtfully designed to suit every budget, diet and taste. 

This is a really great one to watch right before you write your grocery list- before you know it, you'll have prepped, batch-cooked and portioned everything you need for a whole week of healthy eating. 

At Home with Nikki

South Carolina's answer to Martha Stewart! At Home With Nikki is my guilty pleasure that I'm not really that guilty about. I watch Nikki's videos for pleasure, but I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of pointers on how to set up and maintain a home. She does everything from cooking to decorating, entertaining to- my favourite- organising. Her style is very different to mine (not a bit of macrame to be seen here, and everything actually matches), but I get some great tips nonetheless. 


Boyfriend and creative partner of Estée Lalonde, Li0nsmane's work is technically appearing twice on this list. Being honest, Aslan AKA Li0nsmane is my dream guy. He's intelligent, cultured, creative, knows how to make furniture, has a great accent... and I'll stop before this begins to read like the diary entry of a 13 year old girl.

Jokes aside, I think Aslan has some really interesting tips on travel, food, photography that are filmed really nicely. He's a bit hipstery and off-beat, and knows all of the coolest spots to visit. If you're London-bound and want some recommendations on where to hang out, this guy has the best ones. 

Pick Up Limes

Registered dietitian, Sadia, from Pick Up Limes makes and presents content similar to Alli Cherry who I mentioned earlier. This is a really great channel to follow if you feel like you need a bit of a kick up the arse-- but in a very gentle way. 

Pick Up Limes is full of really helpful tips to help you eat better, think more positively and live more intentionally. It's not easy to make videos about the benefits of veganism or minimalism and still come across as being genuinely likable and non-judgemental, but Sadia nails it. 

Adventure Us

Adventure Us is a channel created by husband and wife Bonnie Kate and Max Zoghbi who are possibly the cutest humans you'll ever come across in your life. Made all the more adorable because they live in a tricked-out 1979 Airstream, lovingly named Rosemary, that they continuously travel the country in,

I've been following them on Instagram for a while now and am really glad they've finally moved into the realm of YouTube to share their travels, hangouts with musical pals, cookery, styling and flower-crown making tutorials.

I don't say this lightly, but following their travels has been so inspiring. In one of the videos, the couple refer to their silver Airstream as literally being their "silver lining". They bought it as a distraction from the traumatising testimony prep they faced a couple of years ago-- Bonnie Kate was one of the victims shot in the Aurora, Colorado Batman theater shooting. 

House & Home

Of course the House and Home that will always have the biggest place in my heart will be the Irish magazine I write and style for, House and Home. However, a close second is the Canadian mag and connecting YouTube channel  House & Home. They regularly share video tours and interviews with interior designers that give you a really great insight into why certain houses are designed a certain way. 

The Financial Diet

Despite setting up my own business at the age of 24, I really wouldn’t call myself a businessy person. I thrive on the creative decisions and the work itself, but when it comes to bookkeeping… Well let’s just say my accountant sister has received many’s the frantic phone call begging for help. Although The Financial Diet is technically a business and financial advice channel, it’s run by a couple of women similar in age to me who understand the reality of life in your twenties. Most importantly, they’re not intimidating or judgemental. Lots of practical advice on getting yourself out of debt and making sure you’re never in it again.

Studio McGee

If you haven't heard of Studio McGee, you haven't been spending enough time on Pinterest. They're the design team behind some of the most beautiful modern farmhouse-style projects of the past few years. I've yet so see work of theirs that I'm (and comment sections all over the internet) not obsessed with. 


I always love getting recommendations on YouTube channels to check out, so make sure to let me know of any good ones I missed out on! If you want to see what else I'm watching (or doing, making and you know, thinking), follow me on Instagram Stories.

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