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10 Things... You Can do to get Your Mojo Back

10 Things... You Can do to get Your Mojo Back

At the start of 2018, I was knee-deep in a terrible funk. I felt unmotivated, overwhelmed and stressed out. This happens me from time to time, and I'm sure it happens you too. So when it does, I've got 10 simple tried and tested tips to share with you. I hope they help. 

1. Create a system to manage your emails

Such a simple one, but oh, what a difference it will make. Our email inboxes can be so overwhelming and really start our mornings off on a bad note. I colour co-ordinate my emails (of course I do...) and doing it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Divide emails into their appropriate folders and delete anything you’re sure you won’t need again. Keep current conversations in your inbox and file everything else. Ta-da! Your work day is already off to a better start!


2. Make a bucket list

Take all those ideas that are floating around in your head and write ‘em down. Small ideas that you can execute in 10 minutes, or the grand plans that will take a lot to achieve. Every week, make an effort to cross one thing off your list. If you struggle with one, skip it and go back to it when you’re better able to do it.


3. Get yourself a cool lunchbox and water bottle

It’s a lot more enticing to prep your own lunch when you have a nifty lunchbox. For health, financial and environmental reasons, it’s obviously so much better to bring your own lunch to work. But most of us still don’t do it. Change all that and get yourself some really great sandwich fillers, fruit and snacks and fill your reusable containers right up. Small changes like this help you feel much more accomplished.


4. Create a budget

So much of our stress is a result of financial strain. And even if you’re earning and technically have “enough” to get by, it can still be stressful. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly trying to do maths in your head and checking your online bank statements to figure out when your phone bill is due. To avoid being unpleasantly surprised by bills being direct debited out of your account and not thinking you can afford to treat yourself, make a detailed budget. This doesn’t have to be as horrifically boring as it sounds! Just make a list of your bills and expenses, and figure out how much you need to set aside for a holiday/ course/ room makeover. Having something to save towards will motivate you.


5. Make a vision board

I’m a very visual person, but until recently I had never actually made a vision board. At the start of this year and in the depths of a major funk, I decided to give it a go and make a board to set the tone for my ideal 2018. I made mine as a private board on Pinterest, but you can do it on a real-life pin board (if, unlike me, you have free wall space!). What you put on it is totally up to you, but I added pictures of cities I’m hoping to visit, brands I’d love to work with and quotes and song lyrics that pick me up when I'm feeling down.


6. Meet an old friend for coffee

I’m terrible at keeping in touch. My friends all know that the best way to make sure I’m still alive is to peep my IG Stories where I’m surprisingly active (probably because it means I don’t have to leave my flat). Technology is great, but there’s nothing like quality real life time with friends. And with my close friends, I see them more IRL than we do text. Maybe that’s why we’re close? If there’s someone you want to get closer or reconnect with, arrange a coffee date. A few hours of familiarity and LOLs will do you the world of good.


7. Buy one unusual ingredient every week

So, your evenings feel monotonous and you’re too broke to go out for dinner, or even do a full “big shop” of gorgeous (expensive) food. Don’t despair! Here’s a little tip for you; buy one special ingredient every week and build up a store cupboard of amazing sauces, teas or spices that you can use to jazz up your otherwise run-of-the-mill meals. Be imaginative with how you use the ingredients and hopefully it’ll help you fall in love with cooking again.


8. Organise your home

Oh, but of course me, Monica Geller incarnate, would say this! But seriously, there’s nothing more cathartic than a good clear-out and organisation sesh. Add in a label-maker and you’ve got yourself a party. Not only will you feel so much better, it’ll save you time and money by being able to find what you need and not have to repurchase. Donate what you don’t want to a charity shop and everyone wins.


9. See your doctor

January/February blues are normal. The weather’s terrible, and everyone’s broke after the festive period. It’s an incredibly boring time and everyone just watches TV until it’s over. “Netflix and chill”? More like Netflix and coma. However, if you feel it’s more than that, or just want to be sure your body and mind is functioning well, book an appointment with your GP and maybe look into counselling. Even as a one-off, it can’t do any harm.


10. Follow an inspirational YouTuber

This is my go-to mood improvement exercise. I don’t own a TV, so I watch everything online. But even if I did own a TV, I’d still recommend YouTube. Of course, there are some terribly depressing, mean-spirited videos out there… but if you follow the right people, you can find some really lovely stories and get some helpful pointers. You’d be surprised at how many complete strangers can know just how you feel, or who have gone through the same struggles as you.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I'd love for you to share with the class in a comment below. Or catch me on Instagram and Twitter.

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