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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Happy national stationery week! Didn’t know that was a thing? You and me both. But I got as press release saying that it was, so… I guess it is!  And who doesn’t love stationery? Of course it needs its own week.

Here’s a wedding stationery shoot I styled last year for Confetti magazine. Projects like this are so exciting for me because I feel like I can really flex my creative muscles. I work with each designer to direct them in terms of theme, texture and colour. My embarrassingly extensive Pinterest boards come in so useful when I’m sending designers Pins of typography from the 1970s or Victorian perfume bottles. Cliché as it sounds, we really do find inspiration everywhere.

Here are the offerings from five of Ireland’s top stationery designers; all of which are available for purchase on their sites.

Dusty Boy Designs

Well, I named my business Paper & Moon, so I’m clearly a little biased towards constellation-themed paper goods! But seriously can Dusty Boy do any wrong? This suite is whimsical and elegant in the perfect amounts.

Wedding Scribblers

This suite is just so gosh darn cute! It sets the perfect tone for a wedding; cheerful and warm and not too intimidating. Using a design that’s a little bit of a mix and gathering means that you can carry that theme through to your wedding décor; mason jars, vintage wood and fresh wildflowers. How idyllic!

As You Wish

Who doesn’t want to get married in a barn?! People who don’t spend enough time on Pinterest, that’s who! I just love this cute suite. The rustic jute and classic plaid reminds me of Ralph Lauren’s western-inspired RRL line.

The Invite Hub

This is the perfect for someone looking for timeless, no-fuss elegance. The blush rose theme can be carried throughout your whole day in a lovely, pretty way. This suite is, pardon the pun, very sweet. Soft and romantic; just like your love (hopefully!).

Appleberry Press

The deep aubergine colour is dramatic and moody, but so elegant. I love how the watercolour texture keeps it from looking stark. This is a really great tip when using dark colours for your wedding—do them in a softened, textured format. The gold leaf is like jewellery; I just love it. Appleberry do metallic perfectly.


Photography by Peter Love for Confetti magazine. 

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