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Athena Calderone's Arty Hamptons Getaway

Athena Calderone's Arty Hamptons Getaway

If you've been following this blog for a while, you've probably already copped that I have a thing for bohemian, mid-century artful homes. Always have. But it just so happens that this style has become trendy and I now have a plethora of beautifully shot home tours to swoon over and write about. Initially I intended to keep this site for my own work entirely, but I kept finding such amazing content that I wanted to share, it felt silly not to. This home is one of the ones I thought was too good to pass over. 

This home is actually that of Athena Calderone, interior designer and blogger at Eyeswoon. The content she creates for Eyeswoon is always so interesting to me, so I had high hopes for her home! Thankfully it didn't disappoint. 

"My Amagansett (town in East Hampton, New York) home is something I treasure and feel incredibly proud of. Not just because of the way it looks, but because it single-handedly transformed my family’s life. It brought us closer to nature, the ocean and each other, while also being the catalyst that defined my career in interior design."

I love the non-traditional nightstand. Not only does the mirror on top reflect light, it always means this piece of furniture can double as a vanity unit. 

"The home was purchased in 2010 and while it was immediately apparent that the bones of the home were incredible – dreamy mid century modern – the home was in shambles. Bulbs of mold grew on the caving in ceiling and the home, engulfed by overgrown trees, stood frozen in time from 1960 with an (eeek!) dead deer in the pool!"


With the exceptions of the rug and cushions, there's no colour in this room. Yet, thanks to the unusual furniture and dreamy artwork, it looks anything but lifeless. 

I love the juxtaposition of the modern bathtub beside the rustic tree stump table. 

"The house certainly tell a story of travels and holds precious memories of trinkets from the evolution of my life as a woman, wife, and mother. Actually most every piece in the home conjures a memory – a time or place – triggering the journey of its origin."

"As I walk through my home I can trace where initial sparks of inspiration came from – the singular image that inspired the rope detail (a danish chair) or the place that dictated the stone in my kitchen (Mykonos).  It’s amazing really….truly amazing what this house holds for me – in my heart and on my creative path."

"I was immediately inspired  to use natural materials in unconventional way…rough hewn wood, leather, and rope were the three simple and utilitarian elements I obsessed over throughout the realization of my home. I love juxtaposing elements in most everything I do. I have a no-rules approach to design – embracing that unexpected mix of pairing the old and new, high and low, modern and traditional, grit and glamour! "

Doesn't this seem like the most ideal venue for a dinner party for friends?! (Note to self: Make friends with Athena.)

"It’s all about the mix and it’s what creates intrigue and curiosity in a space. The home walks a fine line of rustic & modern and you can feel that play in many aspects of the house.  It also toys with extremes -I thrive on contradictions and I think its apparent in the way the house looks and feels."

Photography from Chloe Crespi, Marytn Thompson, Matthew Williams, Paul Masi, Anthony D’Argenzio and Athena Calderone

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